2013 Goodwill Award Recipients

Adisa Septuri – Humanitarian Leadership Award Honoree

Adisa Septuri is Founder, President & CEO of The Finaza Foundation. The Foundation, which was founded in 2009, is committed to the enrichment of impoverished children’s lives in Kono, Sierra Leone. Finaza has been providing primary and secondary school scholarships for deserving children there since 2009, and produces an annual community building soccer tournament for all the areas boys & girls. To date, over 300 students have received scholarships. By collaborating with worldwide partners and organizations, which are also dedicated to the enhancement of underdeveloped communities in need, Finaza helps to build and sustain worldwide attention on the problems of Kono, and looks to develop new programs that will help cultivate, enrich and sustain the lives of the Kono people.

Finaza is working toward opening it’s first computer lab in 2014 through the generous donations of many people, including the Cowan Avenue Elementary School in Los Angeles. The lab will include 25 new computers, internet access, computer training and an array of Skype classes taught by both local and international instructors. If you are interested in helping with the building, furnishing, staffing, etc. of the Finaza Computer Lab please email Adisa at [email protected] Finaza is open to any and all offers of assistance. This lab will be the first of it’s kind in the area working to destroy the digital divide and lay a strong foundation for the future of the Kono children.


Please visit www.finazafoundation.org to donate now and help our cause.

Prince Of Wales Alumni Association (California Branch) – Community Leadership Award Honoree

The California Branch of the Prince of Wales Alumni Association (POWAAC) is a non-profit organization established in 2006. Its mission is to provide financial assistance to the Prince of Wales School in Sierra Leone, with the purpose of enhancing its quality of education, sustaining its infrastructure, and making education affordable to its students. POWAAC has pursued multiple initiatives independently and in collaboration with other Global POW Alumni Associations. Independent projects accomplished to-date include the provision of laptop computers for student use; and the purchase of Math and English textbooks for students of the Senior Secondary School to use free of charge. POWAAC also awards cash prizes to students for outstanding academic accomplishment during the annual prize-giving ceremonies. In 2011/2012, through the generous donation of alumnus Dr. Lytton Williams’ Sierra Leone Children’s Charity Foundation, POWAAC awarded a Medical Scholarship to a POW graduate to pursue a Bachelor in Science at Hampton University and Medical Degree at Cornell University (both Alma Maters of Dr. Williams). POWAAC hopes to sponsor additional students in the near future. In summer 2012, POWAAC awarded prizes to Middle School, High School, and College graduates in the Sierra Leone community in California at its first annual Recognition of Achievement Picnic. POWAAC has jointly funded projects with other Global Alumni Associations, including installation of laptop computers powered by solar panels; purchase of durable desks, chairs, and steel doors and windows for classrooms; refurbishment of school infrastructure; payment of cash prizes to students who excel in the regional WASCE and BECCE examinations; contribution toward a teachers’ revolving fund that allows POW teachers to be paid their monthly salaries whenever the government delays in doing so; and contribution toward a “Christmas Bonus” fund for deserving teachers and school administrators. Future projects include providing deserving students with full annual tuition scholarships and providing free textbooks for every student in key subject areas. The primary sources of funding for these ventures are members’ annual dues and proceeds from fundraising events such as POWAAC’s annual Thanksgiving Service and Banquet. 100% of proceeds go toward funding projects initiated by the association.


Dr. Phillip Kamara-kay – Distinguished Posthumous Award Honoree

Dr. Phillip Kamara-kay founded the Alpha Kamara International Educational Foundation, Incorporated (AKIEF) as a non-profit, 501(c)(3), volunteer-based organization dedicated to giving the gift of education to the children and youth of Sierra Leone through school development projects, scholarships and educational exchanges that help them overcome barriers to education in their country. He envisioned the development of AKIEF into a comprehensive educational services provider in Sierra Leone, focused on girls’ education with the establishment of a multi-school campus for girls and young women that will ensure their right to a quality education from primary school years through community college.

Campus Development Project· 16 instructional classrooms 25-30 pupils per room· Library, Restroom facilities· Multi-use Café-torium· Headmasters Office· Outdoor physical activity areas· School-Community joint use facilities

· Situated on up to 12 acres

· Self-help volunteer labor


Grace Schools and Grace College for Women · Improve accessibility, Engage and Sustain· Kindergarten – Prep ABC (ages 4-5)· Elementary – Classes 1-6· Junior Secondary School – JSS Levels 1,2,3· Senior Secondary School – SS Levels 1, 2,3· Two year college

· Provide a rigorous comprehensive curriculum


AKIEF Scholarship Program· Recognize and assist academically distinguished and financially needy students· renewable for up to three years· minimum grade point average of 3.0· Junior and senior high school/college or university students· community service and personal aspirations· Break impoverishment





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