President’s 2017 Christmas Message

Abdul Kassim – President

Hello All!
I recently had the opportunity to attend a fund-raising event where the Sheik of our Masjid was asked to lead us in the Muslim prayers immediately after the Christian prayers. The message I found most fascinating in his prayers besides praying for the good of all was when he referenced God’s command in the Bible for Moses to lead his people to the promised land- Israel and prayed that the lord will do the same for Sierra Leone. I said yes Sierra Leone, a Muslim Cleric referencing the Bible. He knows that we have similar story in the Koran but he chose to reference it from the Bible. A clear indication of how Christians and Muslims live side by side and as a single unit within Sierra Leone and outside Sierra Leone. Hence my Christmas message to you all this year is centered on unity.
I am so proud of our country, our people, our parents, friends and relatives living in Sierra Leone and around the world. We are very smart, have our own minds and can think wisely for most part. This brings me to the collective stands that Sierra Leoneans took when a Nigerian Pastor was preaching hatred for Islam. Both Christians and Muslims were swift in condemning his words and actions and called for total sanity and avoided taking any steps that could have a religious riot in a country where all religions have existed side by side for many decades as in some countries around the world. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in churches and other place of worship today, let us ask God to continue to unite us as his children.
Let us all pray for Sierra Leone and ask God to direct all the people of Sierra Leone to choose a leader who will obey his commands just as Moses did; and deliver our country Sierra Leone form all problems into the promised land of prosperity. We have suffered enough- from civil wars, sickness, natural disaster, disloyalty, dwindling infrastructures, regression in many places around the country. Let us pray that the Lord will guide us in selecting that appropriate leader. Therefore, as our people go to the pooling stations, in March,2018, we pray that we will elect the right leader that will lead us into the promise land as Moses did for the Israelites.
We all know that there are bound to be disagreements after the type of contentious elections we are going to have in March 2018, but we hope that we will make all efforts to solves such disagreements amicably.
We will continue to pray for the destiny of our country especially when we do not know what the future holds. On behalf of the entire membership of the United Brothers and Sisters of Sierra Leone we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed and prosperous 2018. A special thanks to the membership of UBSSL.
God bless Sierra Leone, God bless the United States of America and God bless UBSSL.

Thank you very much.

Abdul Kassim
President- UBSSL

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